Nablopomo-ing we go

My very first NaBloPoMo was back in 2007, on my old blog. You’ve got to be kidding me – 9 years ago?  What ????  I’ve since done it a couple of more times, most recently last year for whatever the reason.  I bet I was looking for an outlet to find myself again – it was, after all, a very big birthday for me.

Posting everyday for the month of November, shouldn’t be too hard right-it’s a short month.

Already I’m a bit afraid.

The key to survival will be a mix of free flowing thought, and taking advantage of writing prompts.  There are all sorts of ideas and thoughts milling about in my head, most days, but as you can see from the significant delay from day 1 of this blog, until now, I’ve been easily distracted from an activity I’ve always loved. Writing.

Thanks to the first prompt of the month, we have the subject “mental health”.  A doozy, but very relevant in a lot of ways.  What do I do when I’m having a “bad mental health ” day?   Ways I cope:

1/Exercise!  I am trying to get to the gym at least 4 days a week, alternating between my BodyJam Hip Hop dance workout, and Body Combat, mixed martial arts, kickboxing, tough girl stuff.  Sure my bones and joints are creaky (and I’m now suffering a bit from Plantar Fasciitis), but orthotics, anti-infammatories and sheer will have pushed me through.

2/ Mindfulness – coloring.  Yes, I jumped on this coloring trend not too long ago, and now have inherited my daughter’s old Prismacolor pencil crayons (she’s moved onto a premium set for the cheap price of $50 for 24 – yeah, a great steal…sigh)


3/ Mindless daytime TV.  To be fair, it’s not all mindless, but daytime TV has certainly changed from the last time I was at home.  Lots of commercials for babies, toddlers and seniors.  And an explosion of home, garden, cooking and entertainment and gossip shows.  How is one to get anything done in the day?  Easier to watch better looking more organized people do it on the screen.

4/  Reading – and not only book club choices.  Currently on my list are the offerings from Kristine Stewart (Our Turn), Anne Marie Slaughter (Unfinished Business) and most importantly, “Generation Stressed” by Michele Kambolis, to help my daughter cope with bouts of anxiety that she has been experiencing the last couple of years.  She is only 11 years old.

A big part of my decision to focus on family and home are my kids and their journeys through life as they deal with tween/teen issues.  Stress for me at work was contributing  to their own stresses in their increasingly demanding and complex worlds.  Not that I’ll be able to fix everything for them, but being around a lot more should in theory make things better.  Or at least keep them out of trouble.

The best part of NaBloPoMo was discovering the community of bloggers.  The blogosphere has exploded since 2007.  I’m looking forward to discovering more great reads and hopefully re-discovering some old friends.

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2 Responses to Nablopomo-ing we go

  1. Nona says:

    It is funny how mindless things are often the best cure for mental health issues. To just let go and stop thinking for a moment or two.

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  2. I also have teens and a tween. I work at home, fortunately (though today my attention is fragmented because of all the homemaking that needs doing).

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