Must see TV

When I was a kid the highlight of my week would be the arrival of  Starweek magazine, the weekend insert of our local Toronto Star paper. I lived to catch up on entertainment news  and shows.  The fall preview issue was almost an event to mark on the calendar.  I could have used more of a life, I know.

Today there are so many shows, so many options with streaming, cable, network TV, most of which we didn’t have much time to enjoy when the kids were younger.  Our television was hijacked by our kids with the Disney channel, teletoon and YTV.  When it came time for some R & R in the evenings, I would only have time for the nightly news, one prime time show (Parenthood was my fave) and the occasional Tonight show if I pried my eyes open after passing out on the couch.  Over the holidays, I binge watched all seasons of House of Cards, Grace and Frankie, Master of None.  And reality TV?   Drive by viewings of the Voice, Married at First Sight, Bachelorette …There are only so many hours in the day.

This season, for the first time in a long time, there are shows on network TV that have me hooked.  “This is Us” is number one, with “Designated Survivor” not a bad second.

And hello, there is really great Canadian TV  both in the drama category and comedy on CBC:

“This Life” – great acting, and it makes me cry every week.  More tears than for This is Us, not kidding.

image“Kim’s Convenience” – A comedy about Korean and Canadian culture that is actually funny (” Fresh off the boat”please take note).image(Images courtesy

Other Canadian content that has weirdly got my attention?  Reality?  Bachelorette Canada – I don’t really know why … (I’m on team Mikhel…)

I also caught Married at First Sight, for what will likely be the last time as it wasn’t a great season – despite the fact that I could engage via Twitter with the couples themselves.  The novelty was not enough.


There’s still time for some intelligent TV, via Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown and “This is Life” with Lisa Ling on CNN. Watch on a full stomach and with an open mind.

The television show(s) I would like cancelled?  I’d say the US election coverage, which alternates between a comedy and a horror show, and a dash bad reality TV a la Jerry Springer… Just too painful and ridiculous to watch.

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