The Weekend 

My favourite things about the weekend:

1.  I can drink.  Alcohol.  My husband and I recently decided that we are getting older and heavier and a lot may have to do with the amount of alcohol we had been consuming regularly.  So we have cut back to only drinking on the weekend now.  Never mind that we are going through a dozen bottles in two days, it’s the principle, people!  (Just kidding of course, I would be sleeping most of the weekend away if that were the case, and what kind of example is that for the kids, sheesh!)

2.  To combat the extra calories due to food and drink, every Saturday morning I hit the gym for my absolute fave workout.  BodyJam 78. Club hard.  Face Melt.  How can you not love that?

When I work it hard, I can probably burn upwards of 500 calories in 55 minutes.  Not bad!  I had the opportunity to train to be a certified instructor last year, but realistically wasn’t sure I had the time to be committed to a regular class.  So I chose to celebrate my 50th birthday rather than spending a whole weekend working out with crippling intensity with a gym full of twenty-somethings.  An easy decision when you think about it.

I am keeping an eye open for the next training opportunity though, in case it comes our way again, you know, before I break something.

3. BodyJam also provides me the opportunity to dress younger than my kids – whoo-hoo!


These drop crotch joggers are awesome.  Drop crotch – haven’t worn this style since never.  Nice and loose down there, it sure beats wearing a thong to the gym every time.

4. And just because I love this new song, here’s the Weeknd:

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