30 years and the ride continues

I watched the MTV Euro awards tonight, and was surprised that I enjoyed it.  The last couple of years I haven’t thought much of the music awards shows.  Perhaps it’s that I don’t enjoy most of the music (and I use that term loosely for some of the acts these days).

But tonight’s broadcast of a show that was obviously recorded earlier in Rotterdam, Netherlands, was full of great live performances, super Canadian content (you gotta love that Best Male category was represented by mostly Canadian boys, Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, Drake, the Weeknd)…with both Shawn and the Weeknd winning tonight.

The highlight for me was Green Day. They are back with a vengeance after a 4 year break. We actually went to their concert in Toronto on their last tour, hard to believe that it was four years ago, and to be honest we found their performance a tad disappointing. Shortly after that, Billie Joe went into rehab, so that explained things a bit. The boys aren’t getting any younger either.

Green Day were recipients of the MTV Global Icon award this year, celebrating their band who has stayed relevant all these years, likely the one remaining punk band. Their performance on the Tonight show a couple of weeks back, as well as the one tonight, showcased their classic style. I loved when they closed the show with American Idiot.

In Billie Joe’s acceptance speech, he mentioned that they are still in the same high school band, going almost 30 years and the ride continues. It made me think that I’ve been with my guy 30 years and our ride also continues. The album Dookie came out in our first year of marriage and we played it a lot that first year. They’ve managed to maintain their cool, despite becoming married people with kids.

I’d like to think that we’re also doing the same. If they come back to TO, I think it might be worth another shot to see them again.

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