“Did my grandfather meet me, Mommy?”

“No unfortunately, sweetie, I knew your grandpa when I first started dating Daddy, but he passed before we got married.”

“Oh, that’s too bad, I was hoping I had met him.”

I proceeded to tell my daughter about her Grandpa, the one she had never met, the one who passed almost twenty years before she was born.  The man that I had only had a glimpse of before my relationship deepened with his son.  The man that I know I would have grown to love and admire for the qualities he instilled in the man I married.

“Your Grandpa was a sailor, he was in the Canadian navy, and I think he lied about his age to get into service.”

That’s what they did back then – to serve and protect their country.

My father-in-law served as a telegrapher during WWII, searching German submarines.  I am still in awe of that fact – especially that he did so when he was about 2 years older than his grandson is today.  I cannot fathom.

On this day, I remember all those who fought so bravely, and those who to this day, still serve to honour and protect the freedoms that we are fortunate to have in this country.

(Photo of the frigate that my father in law served on in the Royal Canadian Navy during the Battle of the Atlantic)



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