This was me in 2016

“This is me in Grade 9 baby, this is me in grade 9” (BNL circa 1992)


Yikes. Looking at this, I can only say “hang in there, just watch, in about 40 years, things will be interesting and amazing”.

And this was me in 2016:

Stressed but pumped to start out the year, getting on stage. Excited but nervous; working like crazy. Annual company meetings are like that. Away from my family for a week. Conflicted.

Dealing with the transition in the household with my right hand helper moving to part-time just as my travel schedule picked up. Away from family for a week at a time every couple of weeks with no end in sight. Guilt ridden.

I was done.

The cloud lifted. The summer was full of lazy days shuffling the kids around to their friends, catching up with my own friends. Getting my fit on. Being able to drop things at a minute’s notice for the kids rather than having to yell at them over Skype from Europe.

Still rather conflicted, but no guilt in sight.

Because more travel this year has been WITH my family. Skiing in Tremblant; sun and sand and water park in Atlantis with the kids while they still enjoy being with us and each other. A lovely trip with good friends and hubby in Tuscany; wine tasting and couple time in Prince Edward County and Eastern Townships.

A new school year, and lo and behold we are now in November. And I have done nothing with the side table that I am supposed to paint. Nor with the powder room that I’m supposed to DIY something with. Looking forward to Christmas.

Dear 14-year-old me, you will be in a good place.  And there will be donuts.

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3 Responses to This was me in 2016

  1. You are truly blessed, Karen! XX Sue
    p.s. I’m so happy you’re in my life 🙂

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  2. Gina says:

    You look so happy!


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