The saddest TV ending

Relying on another Blogher NaBloPoMo prompt-which TV series finale are you upset about and why?

For me in recent years, it had to be Parenthood. 

(Image from

I was so addicted to that show, so tied to those characters every week. And although it was not unexpected and very much foreshadowed throughout the last couple seasons, the patriarch’s death was still hard to take.  There was such finality to it  and they also then quickly wrapped up several storylines, it happened in super short order – it was almost too trite.  

Still, it was a great program that I feel never really got its due, despite all the great acting and plot line . It seemed family life was not so sexy or attention grabbing at the time.

This is why I am really glad that one of the best hits in the new season, This Is Us, is doing so well.  Family values, focusing on non-traditional families with real world problems.  Interesting that both are NBC shows-we need to thank whoever is in charge of programming.

In today’s world it’s a fantastic thing.

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One Response to The saddest TV ending

  1. simonlitton says:

    Firefly. Although the movie compensated somewhat.


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