Pick a year, any year 

One of the best things in 2009 was the Blogher conference in Chicago that I was fortunate enough to attend.  I became the  most extroverted of introverts and was able to finally meet some of the fantastic writers beyond the screen, people who I’d never met IRL but felt like I had known forever.

Amongst a sea of women there were a few special guys that I finally got to be in the same room with, and one was Adam, a hilarious no holds barred comedian/lawyer (yeah he’s pretty smart for a smart ass. ) Through the magic of Facebook I have managed to stay in touch/ be nosy about…and occasionally pick up something fun to write.

So courtesy of Adam who gave me the year 1996, let’s see where life has brought me:

The year was 1996:

Age: 31

Age now: 51

Relationship: married
Now: still married, same guy (I know we’ve been together a looooooooong time)

Living in: A small 900 square foot detached baby blue !!  house in Bloor West village, Toronto. Galley kitchen,lane parking , hell in the winter, we were always stepping over each other but it was ours.
Now: The burbs half an hour north of T. Dot, the Six. I know, burbs-never say never people.

Pets: zero point zero

Now: Dog Cody-cutest Shih Tzu on the block but an absolute shit when he goes Pesci on some people during our walks. Adopted him 4 years ago-no regrets.

Was I happy:  Generally, still in honeymoon stage before we embarked on our fertility journey…

Now: Yes, I’m in a good place with my family and life in general.

Kids: zero point zero

Now: Liam is 16, Giselle is almost 12.

Job:  Project manager in scientific affairs in Pharma 

Now: Mom/consultant in Pharma-biotech/on hiatus-ish

Car: Honda Accord 

Now: Infinity JX35 (also never say never about minivans cuz I’ve done that too)

Tattoos: temporary henna when I thought I was funky
Now: nope, thought about it and now it would just sag so what’s the point?

Comment on this and I’ll give you a year. 🙂

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