Stupid stuff I have to get over…

The NaBloPoMo post that I missed on Friday- what’s the stupidest thing you and your partner ever fought over?

My husband and I have a pretty good marriage -it’s not always easy but it’s also not rocket science. And I must admit, key to our relationship is my husband’s easy going nature. He’s pretty laid back about most things, while I tend to be highly type triple A personality. Which means I get indignant about stupid stuff on a fairly regular basis.

The most recent was about laundry. The boy has been growing so much that I don’t even risk putting his stuff in the dryer anymore. One of his flannel shirts was accidently thrown in and shrunk -not beyond repair, mind you, as thanks to the wonder that is YouTube I found a tutorial using hair conditioner that managed to stretch it back out. Needless to say I wasn’t about to do that again.

Now I will take the boy’s stuff and lay it to dry while putting others’ in the dryer. 

On Sunday, my husband, thinking that he was helping me, noticed that the washer cycle was done and yelled to me that he would put the load in the dryer. I yelled back that since it was a combined load to make sure he took the boy’s T shirts out or they’d shrink. He said sure -and that was it.

Until I went to get the laundry from the dryer later  and pulled out all my son’s white T’s. You guessed it-so I called hubby on it and he said “oh, I checked but they all looked like G’s shirts, so I didn’t take anything out.”

OK so he looked and thought the T shirts for my 11 year old daughter would fit my 16 year old son who is pushing 6 ft 2? 

Let the real yelling begin…this time though, he pushed back and screamed back that it was enough -after I griped a few times about really looking, and why would I bother to tell him to take stuff out unless I knew there was stuff to take out? Get my logic? Another one of those “it would’ve been better that he didn’t help, thanks but no thanks yadda yadda moments.

Stupidest argument ever. But he conceded that if the boy noticed that stuff shrank, just to blame his dad.

Uh, no shit.

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