The show of the Season

As I sit here watching the Bachelorette Canada (total guilty pleasure -I can’t even! Let’s blame it on the man, he got sucked into this season way before me, I do not kid!) I feel conflicted.  I am betraying my favourite show of the season. Thank goodness for the miracle of the TV Recording.  Tuesdays are a big night with programming on top of each other both American and Canadian channels.

So as I watch Jasmine make the biggest mistake  of her life just now by choosing the wrong guy…I am glad that my favourite show is being recorded and that I will be able to watch later without commercial breaks.  I am crushed for Mikhel-but there is someone out there for him. And wait-OMG they are using our first dance wedding song (Lost Together by Blue Rodeo) as their theme? Just NO!!!

Ok back to my real favourite show-This is Us! And these are 10 reasons why it is golden for me:

1/ the storyline got me from the very first episode. I love when a story makes you think and comes up with surprises.  For those who haven’t seen the show, it opens with four individuals on their 36th birthday. And we are to see the connection unfold.

2/ the use of time shifting, you watch the scenes move back and forth through the decades;

3/ it’s about family, family relationships close and not so close

4/ it deals,with real life issues, of race, self esteem, sibling rivalry

5/ it deals with adoption 

6/ breaks down stereotypes 

7/ the acting is superb, new discoveries for me, Justin Hartley , Chrissy Metz and especially Sterling Brown. Then Mandy Moore who is much better than I remember her being, and Milo Ventimiglia as the almost perfect husband, perfect dad-perfectly.

8/ in the background the directors and producers include cast members of another favourite show of mine when I was twenty something-Thirtysomething.

9/the kids actors are so cute and well cast,

10/ hate to admit it, but eye candy. I’m old but can still look.

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