Mrs.  Brady is gone

Like most kids who grew up in the 70’s I was a big fan of the Brady Bunch. I used to watch after school, and through reruns as I babysat the kids across the street after school.  I’m pretty sure I caught every episode, even the specials when they demonstrated awesome matching outfits,  choreography and , ahem, singing.

We even had our own in-house Alice (albeit a Filipina) housekeeper when my mother needed extra help when my brother was 3 years old. There was comfort in her name.

The passing of Florence Henderson makes me sad. A sunshine-y TV mom who I appreciate more as I am a mother myself now, seeing my kids go through changes even day by day. Makes me appreciate the happy times with my kids.And makes me appreciate my own mom even more for the hero that she is.

RIP Mrs. Brady.

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