Well that feels better

I’d been feeling a bit out of sorts all weekend, somewhat lethargic with no energy – rather lazy, as I schlepped the garland and some of the Christmas decorations up from the basement on Saturday. Maybe I was fighting something, I couldn’t figure it out.

Then it dawned on me-I’ve only gone to the gym twice this week, when my usual schedule is 4 times a week. Wow, 4 times -what a difference it can make when I miss a class or in this case, two. My body and more importantly my mind, really thrives on the exercise. It’s like an addiction -a good one at least.

It would have been so easy just to get home after school drop off, have a coffee and get into the stack of reading I haven’t been able to get into as I had anticipated so many weeks ago. Or do the Cyber Monday thing. But instead I put on my good girl hat, took the Codester for a quick walk and headed to my first Monday combat class in 3 weeks. I’ve lost a tiny bit of my rhythm -but I felt a whole lot better  after.  I had a productive happy day. 

I need more of these. So it’s off to my regular Tuesday class tomorrow. My mind and spirit will thank me.

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