Well, here we are on the last day of November, the last day of NaBloPoMo and I’m presented with a wonderful prompt courtesy of Blogher:  have you chosen a word for yourself for 2017?

This isn’t something I normally do.  The last few years have been so focused on work and trying to be  inspirational to others that I had little thought for what would work for me.  Last year at this time it was all about focusing on excellence, taking implementation  and collaboration to the next level.  Business and organizational speak. On the homefront the focus was getting through each day at a time, making sure the kids were fed and doing homework, getting to their lessons and scheduling appointments, while my husband’s and my schedules had us passing each other like ships in the night. No time to smell the roses; no time to even see them.

For 2017 my word will be “EMBRACE”. It came to me quickly as I read the prompt – and when I reviewed the definition (because I like to look things up) I realized how perfect a word it is.

I’ve been making a much more concentrated effort to live in the moment. Believe you me, for a person who has been a lifelong planner it is difficult. To just let things go a little, enjoy the present, not be so anxious about what awaits and to worry less about tomorrow.

2017 will be a time to embrace the now. To cherish, hug and love my kids, my husband, my mother, my siblings, my family. To embrace my friends and be thankful for the wonderful circle that I have in my community. To hug it out whenever possible.

2017 will be a time to embrace opportunities. To be thankful and welcome change in a positive way.

This year has been a bit of a roller coaster ride. I’ve always loved roller coasters but have been feeling a little long in the tooth to appreciate them much in recent years. Life is like that that though, ups and downs with curves and excitement thrown at you often when you least expect it. I’m hopeful that the ride of 2016 will give me the perspective to embrace 2017 and all it has to offer.


And that folks, is NaBloPoMo 2016 over and OUT.

See you in December.

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