A cool mom ?

As I’m now on a bit of a hiatus (at least from the corporate hamster wheel) I’ve been trying to take advantage of the “extra” time to do some reading.  Reading as in beyond typical book club fare.  Nothing wrong with book club, but it is nice to be able to even contemplate reading more than one book at a time.

I’m also making a conscious effort to de-clutter/ anti-hoard my place.  So while I’d love to be buying all manner of new reading material, I’ve found the better (and ultimately more economical option) is the local library. With the electronic options open today it’s just as easy to download e-versions of best sellers as it is to go old school for the physical copies.

Nevertheless I now make a regular trip to the libraries in our neighborhood -it reminds me of the time I was home with the kidlets and brought them to many community programs.  After which we would check out videos, I would let them run around with other kids and have some adult chat with other moms. I’m a nostalgic observer to that nowadays -hard to believe it was not that long ago.

I still go to the video section as movies never go old. And on the way, lucky for me I found on display -just staring me in the face as I was checking out material -the new album by the Weeknd. SCORE !!!( do people still say that?).

Starboy. Categorized rather incorrectly as “jazz” -I think? R&B maybe. Whatever.

Anyway, I borrowed it, and promptly popped it into my player in the car.

About a quarter way through I heard some super familiar lyrics and melodies rounding out the chorus every so often.  Was that the Weeknd sampling the Romantics and Tears for Fears?? I hear you talking in your sleep?  Pale Shelter?  I mentioned this to my 16 yo, who gave me a bemused smile. Not much impresses him these days.

I’m officially in love with this album. And even more pissed that my son went to see the Weeknd without me the last time he was here.

Finally, music that the kids’ parents will love ( and maybe make the kids love the artist less-but I somehow doubt it.)

Check it out at about the 3 minute mark…

(And let me know if you agree that he sounds a lot like MJ in the closing credits…)

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