We the people of Walmart

The other evening my husband came home from work looking like this






Well, without the chain and the white ‘fro, the track jacket was black, and his collar was quite unzipped. His collar was screaming out for something.

Turns out he had forgotten his workout t-shirt to bring to the gym, so he improvised.  At least he didn’t do weights in his dress shoes -that would have been a look.

Of course I couldn’t help but comment,  as his naked collar demanded a remark.

“So where’s the gold?” And he pretty much commented simultaneously -he had been thinking that the whole time he was working out. We are rather connected that way after all these crazy years together. We then promptly burst into a major laughing fit. Lunatics.

The next day I went to Walmart to check out the cheese that was on sale. I’ve been a more dutiful mother these days and noticed our cheese inventory was low, likely due to the many late night grilled cheese sandwiches for the growing teenager…I’m always on the lookout for cheese deals.

As I’m standing there looking at the selection, a smaller, older gentleman comes up next to me saying, “Oh, that’s really good cheese, and a great price!”

“I’m not familiar with this brand, is it good?” I replied, and then I looked over at him :

“Oh it’s good, especially the mozzarella!  I actually had just got to my car and had to turn around and come back to get more because it’s such a deal.”

Me: ” is the mozzarella good on pizza? My kids love pizza” (and I’m freaking out over the fact that I’m having a lovely conversation about the merits of Armstrong cheese with uncle Soprano).

Him:” I don’t know about pizza, probably. Alls I know is that it’s fantastic on crackers, slice ’em up small and it’s so sweet in the mouth.”

Me:” I just noticed the expiry is rather short-it’s only good for another couple of weeks…”

Him:”Really? Where do you see that? Just freeze it, you can do that it will be fine. Me, I’ll finish it up way before that…you should get some.”

So I bought the cheese.  Because honestly, how could I do otherwise?

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3 Responses to We the people of Walmart

  1. simonlitton says:

    Why would you need to freeze cheese? Two weeks is *plenty* of time to eat it.
    I’d probably eat it in two days…

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