Camp: the girl’s gone solo

Friday night was fairly typical of previous “the night before away camp” evenings.  There were the packing lists, the clothes strewn all over the floor, checking of the flashlights for batteries,the discussions about the pros and cons of bringing rain boots …  This is the fifth summer of away camp so my own involvement in the process is now quite diminished.

For my little one, who is not so little any more, there was sorting of the new pairs of shorts I had purchased for her earlier in the day.   The purchases had been at her request -I had been sent on a mission complete with research snapshots on my phone -when she had discovered she was short on – well, shorts -that fit.  Which store had which shorts at which price.   She also had a packing system this year, deciding an outfit per day for seven days,  putting each into a ziplock bag so all she has to do every morning is open up a bag and she’s ready!  Brilliant – and this is why she knew she was out of shorts.  And this is also why she was pretty much packed by Friday evening.

Her load was also a little lighter this year as she was bringing the red sleeping bag- her brother’s.  His has been the lighter one because he felt he didn’t need the the thickness of his little sister’s.  And while she was excited about having less to carry,  it was also bittersweet.  This is the first year of summer camp that she will be going without her brother.  The big guy is done his camp days – he’s too busy this summer with school and work.  She looked forward to camp but said it was “weird” not having him come up with us, that she won’t see him occasionally throughout the week.

It’s the end of an era for my son, but the camp adventures continue for my girl for at least for a few more years.

When we arrived at camp after the long drive, I’m sure the weirdness of the situation flew out the window the minute she spotted her cabin mates.  The girls launched themselves at each other, chattering and hugging each other excitedly.  They ran off to set up the bunk as we introduced ourselves to her new counselor.  

And thus began what we anticipate will be another stellar summer week.

It’s been a couple days now, and the boy has admitted that he misses his little sister.  

I know it isn’t that much longer until she comes home, but he’s not the only one missing her.

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One Response to Camp: the girl’s gone solo

  1. simonlitton says:

    So much of this is familiar. Ours left last week for scout camp and the night beforehand was exactly as you describe. Well, except for the ziplock bags. We’re not *that* organised.


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