The first day of …

The last first day of elementary school for my little girl.  It was so uneventful that I forgot to take the obligatory first day of school picture.  Maybe it had something to do with the switching of vehicles so my husband could pick up the tub with my car, on his way home from work later.  Or that the boy was still asleep upstairs as he has his last first day of high school tomorrow.  Or that we had charged the little one (who is not so little now) with wrangling the littlest one, 13 pounds of Pesci, into the Dad vehicle for the car ride to school.  So we’ll have to fake it with a picture later tonight.  And another one tomorrow for when both are off to school.

Then there is me.  I bought myself a back to school present this Labour Day weekend:


There is a plan associated with this.  First of all, Macs rarely go on sale, so early happy birthday present to me.  I’ve also got to decide on what to do with the rest of my life, on temporary sabbatical but not really as I’m looking at opportunities that make sense professionally that won’t take me away from the family life as much as before.  It’s tough especially when ambition is part of my DNA.

I am keeping up with my network –  thank goodness for LINKEDin, which didn’t exist the last time I was off.  I can keep looped in on major goings on in industry and my peeps. Familiar and comfortable.

Do I take a course on creative writing?  I’ve thought about this off and on over the years. Rather intimidating as I don’t like to be criticized (a character flaw that I’m hoping self-awareness makes me a better person for…) and writing is all about being critiqued, isn’t it?

Do I start another blog – based on my guilty pleasures?  Like shopping? Fashion? So far removed from my professional life its rather astounding.  I started an instagram account as a fun experiment, seeing how many followers I can gather/ likes, etc… Nothing gets an extroverted introvert going like over 100 likes on an outfit photo.  My top hits are of me wearing almost 30 year old dungarees. Go figure.

Do I take fitness to another level and consider training to be an instructor?  Wrecking my knee this summer was not helpful ..


That made it on IG too.  The call of social media.

I do know that it is a more crucial year for the kidlets than ever before, and they’ve blossomed in a way they could not have if I hadn’t made the decision I did last year.  No regrets.

Just moving forward now.  With my new companion Space Grey Mac and work, whatever that will mean for us going forward.




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One Response to The first day of …

  1. Sarah Warsi says:

    Welcome to the Apple club! 🙂 (Though I am finding that Macs can be quite stubborn with their excessive gating of content but with an iPhone, it’s the best thing to have.


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