So much for posting every day and trying to get caught up. I officially suck.  What happened to all the writing I was supposed to be doing?  I thought I would squeeze out another post in today at least before November hits double digits.

How quickly did I forget that “Stay At Home” means anything but that?  Or even if I am physically home,  kids schedules and appointments, dog schedules, gym schedules, errands … all can get in the way.  As can social media – imagine that, social media getting in the way of blogging?!

When I started my original blog over 10 years ago, it was enough of an obsession just to write and keep up with all the bloggers in my reader.  Facebook was around, twitter was getting started, then along came instagram… which honestly is my newest obsession.   It’s easier to take a quick pic or selfie, add pretty filters or not, and post it to encompass a thousand words.  Even if it is a crap picture.  And much like comments from readers back in the day, “likes” or even a tiniest emoji comment to my post, is enough to keep me avidly trying to find the next instagrammable moment.  It’s heady.  Follow me and I’ll follow you back. How sad. But I’m getting sucked into it despite knowing what’s better for me.

To find some good content from the depths of my brain these days is difficult not only because of mommy clouded brain, but more likely because everything in this now mid-age mother’s brain is working overtime trying to coordinate with choreography and finding opportunities to practice with other instructors while trying to fulfill a decade long dream. More coffee just gives gut rot and although I’ve cut back on alcohol (don’t need those calories they just sit) I figure at this point in my life I’ve probably earned an extra glass after a long week.

Sprinkle that with some angst:   as we start the university tours, review high school requirements and test results required for entry for the big boy (the topic of where he will apply and actually go is a separate post altogether – hey, just thought of it! );  as I help my daughter navigate -pre-puberty and her increasing realization that teachers are actually humanish too;  trying to keep the household in order as the reno wraps up with some fixes that need fixing;  monitoring the dog and his post-surgery diet and weird middle aged behaviour;   as the husband is traveling again for work  and the year rushing by so very quickly into the holidays —  and we’ve got the bit of the mess that is me.

So a post a day is a real stretch.






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