Welcome to my new parking spot on the internets. Another mid-life crisis initiative, you ask?  Maybe, maybe not.

I’m Karen, and I’ve done this before.  Still a mom, still living in the burbs, still trying to stay urban.  I took some precious time with my kids in their earlier years.  Now it’s time for a redux.

Try as I might to find the right balance between being a mom who is HERE for her kids, and the ambitious career woman who resides in my DNA, I couldn’t. I’m an all-in personality when it comes to career.  And these kids of ours, well we worked so hard to bring into this world and now they need me more than ever before.   It’s obvious that the career needs a break.  The kids, the husband, and yours truly, we all need a break from intense me.

So here we are.  Glad to have you on this new journey with me.