What’s the deal with the Wubble bubble


My daughter couldn’t wait to go to Walmart to pick this up this weekend:

$29 CAD for a double bubble gum-like gigantic bubble blown up on steroids. A massive round flowy orb that picks up dust and errant pubic hairs (well thats what they look like but the kids assure me they are not).

I just like my kids’ reaction to their mom saying “pubic hair” to their face.


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Well that feels better

I’d been feeling a bit out of sorts all weekend, somewhat lethargic with no energy – rather lazy, as I schlepped the garland and some of the Christmas decorations up from the basement on Saturday. Maybe I was fighting something, I couldn’t figure it out.

Then it dawned on me-I’ve only gone to the gym twice this week, when my usual schedule is 4 times a week. Wow, 4 times -what a difference it can make when I miss a class or in this case, two. My body and more importantly my mind, really thrives on the exercise. It’s like an addiction -a good one at least.

It would have been so easy just to get home after school drop off, have a coffee and get into the stack of reading I haven’t been able to get into as I had anticipated so many weeks ago. Or do the Cyber Monday thing. But instead I put on my good girl hat, took the Codester for a quick walk and headed to my first Monday combat class in 3 weeks. I’ve lost a tiny bit of my rhythm -but I felt a whole lot better  after.  I had a productive happy day. 

I need more of these. So it’s off to my regular Tuesday class tomorrow. My mind and spirit will thank me.

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Decking the …mantle

This year I’ve got a helper who decided to be in charge of decorating our family room by herself.

Simple and festive – just perfect to watch holiday movies in this room now.

And from me, all sorts of wreaths

The 30 day countdown has begun.

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Mrs.  Brady is gone

Like most kids who grew up in the 70’s I was a big fan of the Brady Bunch. I used to watch after school, and through reruns as I babysat the kids across the street after school.  I’m pretty sure I caught every episode, even the specials when they demonstrated awesome matching outfits,  choreography and , ahem, singing.

We even had our own in-house Alice (albeit a Filipina) housekeeper when my mother needed extra help when my brother was 3 years old. There was comfort in her name.

The passing of Florence Henderson makes me sad. A sunshine-y TV mom who I appreciate more as I am a mother myself now, seeing my kids go through changes even day by day. Makes me appreciate the happy times with my kids.And makes me appreciate my own mom even more for the hero that she is.

RIP Mrs. Brady.

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I don’t have much today. Other than it is US thanksgiving and because of that I get free Sirius satellite radio previews, and because of that I get the stations by decade and genre, and because of that I got to rediscover a band that was a fave of mine decades ago, and because of that I realize that I was a bit of a rocker.  

Because this …

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The show of the Season

As I sit here watching the Bachelorette Canada (total guilty pleasure -I can’t even! Let’s blame it on the man, he got sucked into this season way before me, I do not kid!) I feel conflicted.  I am betraying my favourite show of the season. Thank goodness for the miracle of the TV Recording.  Tuesdays are a big night with programming on top of each other both American and Canadian channels.

So as I watch Jasmine make the biggest mistake  of her life just now by choosing the wrong guy…I am glad that my favourite show is being recorded and that I will be able to watch later without commercial breaks.  I am crushed for Mikhel-but there is someone out there for him. And wait-OMG they are using our first dance wedding song (Lost Together by Blue Rodeo) as their theme? Just NO!!!

Ok back to my real favourite show-This is Us! And these are 10 reasons why it is golden for me:

1/ the storyline got me from the very first episode. I love when a story makes you think and comes up with surprises.  For those who haven’t seen the show, it opens with four individuals on their 36th birthday. And we are to see the connection unfold.

2/ the use of time shifting, you watch the scenes move back and forth through the decades;

3/ it’s about family, family relationships close and not so close

4/ it deals,with real life issues, of race, self esteem, sibling rivalry

5/ it deals with adoption 

6/ breaks down stereotypes 

7/ the acting is superb, new discoveries for me, Justin Hartley , Chrissy Metz and especially Sterling Brown. Then Mandy Moore who is much better than I remember her being, and Milo Ventimiglia as the almost perfect husband, perfect dad-perfectly.

8/ in the background the directors and producers include cast members of another favourite show of mine when I was twenty something-Thirtysomething.

9/the kids actors are so cute and well cast,

10/ hate to admit it, but eye candy. I’m old but can still look.

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Karen’s big adventure

I went downtown earlier today.  And guess what? I threw caution to the wind and decided to take public transit into the city.


Me. A firmly entrenched suburbanite. Who drives everywhere. Who drives her kids everywhere. What is public transit again?

A common complaint from the teenager in the family is that we live so far from downtown.  It can take literally 3 different transit systems to get where he needs to go on his own, if mom/dad chauffeur service is unavailable.  We often wonder what it would have been like for the kids if we lived in the city. It was our initial intent when we were first married, but then kids happened. Real estate prices skyrocketed where we were looking to settle ( and continue to), we both worked out of the city -so logic prevailed and we made the the move.  But there’s a part of me that wishes we could have stayed so that our kids could enjoy the richness and diversity of city life.

Growing up in the burbs, I knew a life of public transit.  Before my parents bought a second car my mom would shuttle us around via TTC to all our lessons, several times a week.  To piano, ballet, skating … then we would patiently wait for Dad to pick us up afterwards. Sometimes he would forget -imagine,  in an era without cell phones it must have been such a treat for mom to have to blast him over the pay phone whenever that happened. 

As a teen and then as a university student, I took public transit everywhere. But once I got my licence and then first car, the convenience and independence of not having to rely on someone else’s schedule got the better of me. Nowadays we’re more inclined to use Uber if not wanting to take our own car anywhere.

Dark and early this morning ( can’t adjust to daylight savings -still!), I got into the car and drove 23 minutes to the commuter parking lot. Once in the lot I had to -get this-walk-another  5 or so minutes to the subway station. Bought myself some tokens, got onto the platform and in another 20 minutes I got to my destination.   All under an hour, without me grinding my teeth and muttering expletives at impatient or slovenly drivers crawling along with me, if I was otherwise on the highway.

It was rather surreal-I haven’t taken local transit on my own since I was a student!  Today I rather enjoyed the people watching: the babies in strollers, the students with their backpacks and headphones,  seniors making their way about slowly but independently, the commuters with their offices passes hanging around their necks.  In my most recent years with work travel,   I often took advantage of the easy and efficient transportation offered by the train systems in Europe. Traveling through Toronto today it felt like I was in a foreign place.

There hasn’t been much change to Toronto transit other than a few more stops, flashing lights on the transit map showing the different stops and an actual intelligible voice announcing each stop as we approached. Rather sad when you consider that I was a student over 25 years ago. Coincidentally they just announced a fare hike for the new year-as people are not happy to pay more for less service.

Still, as I experienced today, although not the best in the world, I would still call it “a better way”.



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